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Compliance Review Committee

Lumos Pharma is committed to doing business in an ethical, professional, and compliant way every day. An essential component of this commitment is accurate and appropriate communications concerning our company and our investigational treatments. Lumos Pharma has established a Compliance Review Committee (CRC), which provides a forum for systematically reviewing and approving materials to ensure that medical and scientific information provided to health care professionals and stakeholders is current, comprehensive, objective, scientifically rigorous and accurate, non-promotional and free of commercial influence, targeted to the specific need, and reflects Lumos Pharma’s knowledge regarding the product or therapeutic area in question.  The CRC consists of the following primary members:

Brad Powers: Committee Chairperson, Compliance, and Legal

John McKew: Clinical Operations, Medical Affairs, and Non-Clinical

Lori Lawley: Finance 

Julianne Creager: Regulatory Affairs

Aaron Schuchart: Business Development