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Nov 11, 2020

CEO Update: Getting the word out - OraGrowtH Trials

I am excited to share news about the communication program we are launching for the LUM-201 pipeline. Understanding that clinical trials conducted in the pediatric rare disease space are unique and special in nature, let me introduce you to “OraGrowtH Trials.” We believe that connecting the trials’ stakeholders with an identifying trial name that speaks to the nature of the program can be helpful to create a sense of community among those involved with the trial. 

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OraGrowtH Trials is the name for Lumos Pharma’s clinical trial program involving the oral investigational drug, LUM-201. We’re kicking off this program with our Phase 2b OraGrowtH210 Trial for Pediatric Growth Hormone Deficiency (PGHD). With the publication of our trial on this week (NCT identifier NCT04614337), our Phase 2b trial will be known as the OraGrowtH210 Trial.

We chose this name for our PGHD trials to highlight the greatest difference between our investigational drug, LUM-201, and the standard of care therapy for this indication, injectable recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH). With LUM-201, there are no needles, no pain, no need for refrigeration. 

Additionally, LUM-201 has a completely different mechanism of action compared to injectable therapies. LUM-201 is a growth hormone secretagogue targeting GHSR1a receptors in the pituitary and hypothalamus, releasing the natural secretion of growth hormone, working within the body’s natural endocrine pathways. We believe the oral delivery of LUM-201 and the fact that it works within the body’s natural pathways will be desirable for patients and their doctors alike.

Our OraGrowtH210 Trial will enroll 80 patients at approximately 40 sites, 26 of which are in the US and the remainder in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Patients will be selected for the trial based on our Predictive Enrichment Marker (PEM) strategy where measuring the baseline insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) concentration and growth hormone concentrations after just a single dose of LUM-201, and applying specific cutoff levels, will identify those we believe are likely to respond to our investigational drug. 

Those deemed likely to respond after the PEM test will be divided into four groups. Three groups will get one of three doses of orally administered LUM-201. The fourth group will serve as a comparator arm and will receive the standard of care therapy consisting of daily recombinant growth hormone injections. The goals of OraGrowtH210 Trial will be to confirm our PEM strategy and to determine the optimal dose of LUM-201 for a Phase 3 registration trial. 

To help potential caregivers learn more about clinical developments in the Growth Hormone Deficiency space, we have created an informational website page to connect interested parties to the OraGrowtH210 Trial via the posting. will help spread the news about the OraGrowtH210 Trial that is recruiting for enrollment. 

 In preparing for our OraGrowtH210 Trial, we have found the investigators at our trial sites eager for an oral therapy for PGHD. For decades, clinicians, parents, and children have had to endure years of daily injections of growth hormone as the only option for those seeking treatment for this indication. The fear, pain, and burdensome logistics involved in administering and receiving an injectable treatment regimen have motivated Lumos Pharma and our community of investigators to seek a better solution. We believe our OraGrowtH210 Trial is the first step toward achieving this goal and welcome children with PGHD and their caregivers to join our efforts. 

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